Overview of Dreams of JiangHu

Brief Summary of Dreams of JiangHu:

“Dreams of JiangHu” is the online wuxia game created by Feng Teng Corporation that Wei Wei and Xiao Nai are playing in the novel.

For background information, wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction, film, game, etc. dealing with martial arts and chivalry. “Wu” (武)  can be used to describe things having to do with martial arts, war, or the military. “Xia” (侠) in this context is a person that is the protagonist that can be, but not limited to, a hero, swordsman, adventurer, soldier of fortune, warrior, or knight. [1]


Chapter 1 describes this game as following:

“The game Wei Wei played was called “Dreams of JiangHu” which was one of the hottest wuxia games. This game didn’t have any outstanding characteristics except that it had very good graphics, lots of different avatars. Each gender has 18 different avatar choices.” [2]

In the very beginning of the story, Wei Wei is already “married” in the game. What the novel says about this:

“Marriage in games should never be considered real. Originally, when she and Zhen Shui Wu Xiang got married, it was for a quest. Some quests required married partners in order to complete, so the single members in the sect got married. Zhen Shui Wu Xiang at the time had messaged asking Wei Wei to marry him, Wei Wei had agreed after a bit of thought.”[2]

Other excerpt:

“Fighting bosses and doing quests with this group of people was, with no doubt, very relaxing and satisfying. First of all, everybody cooperated, and then there is the fact that the success rate was high. Before, when Wei Wei and players from her sect formed teams to fight bosses, they took a very long time. Now, it only takes a short while to get it done. Of course, when it comes to fighting, Nai He Da Shen must be mentioned. His occupation was a musician. Musicians, in 《Dreams of Jianghu》existed in a bit of a limbo state. While they could do everything, their attacks weren’t as strong as warriors, support and healing wasn’t as good as the specialized occupations. In conclusion, musicians was a useless jack-of-all-trades.” [2]

This game plays a huge role in the lives of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai due to the fact that they “got together” via this game.


Correlation Chart in Dreams of JiangHu


[1] Source: A Definition of Wuxia and Xia
[2] Taken from wyhcwe’s English translation of the novel. Her link can be found below. 

Original novel | English Translation | Chinese Wiki “Baidu”


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