Character Chart: Relationships of Characters

-Bei Wei Wei 贝微微
-Xiao Nai 肖奈


Wei Wei’s friends/roommates:
-Si Si 丝丝
-Xiao Ling 晓玲
-Er Xi 二喜

Xiao Nai’s friends/roommates:
-Qiu Yong Hou 丘永侯
-Yu Ban Shan 于半珊
-Hao Mei 郝眉

-Meng Yi Ran 孟怡然 : the school’s number one beauty
-Cao Guang 曹光 : the genius in the school’s Department of Foreign Languages

Correlation Chart

Known Physical Descriptions of Side Characters

Hao Mei: “It was a tall male student. He had a baby face, very large eyes, looking like a high school student. He had been trying to following behind them earlier stealthily.” [2]

[1] These characters are super minor, but they are here, just for fun.
[2] Translations by wwyxhqc, chapter 31.

Original novel | English Translation | Chinese Wiki “Baidu”


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