Character Dissection: Bei Wei Wei


AGE: –
HEIGHT: 169 cm
OCCUPATION: 2nd year university student (?)
UNIVERSITY: ‘A’ University
MAJOR: computer science

-Si Si
-Xiao Ling
-Er Xi

Characteristics: independent, smart, direct, caring, curious, witty, composed, etc.

Physical Appearance [1] :

“Er Xi and Si Si suddenly stopped at the doorway. They hadn’t seen such an eye-catching Wei Wei before. The usual ponytail was gone and her hair was left to flow naturally. At the end, the strands slightly curled and fell onto pale-white shoulders. She was wearing a crimson thigh-length dress. The v-cut design in the front displaying delicate collarbones. The thin material of the dress draping closely as it fell down the body, showing off the waist which tempted others to believe they could circle with one hand. A slight movement sent the dress into countless waves. Under the dress, perfectly proportioned and pale legs were displayed, entrancing all to be unable to remove their gaze. On the feet were thin crystal heels, exhibiting the delicate nature of the appendages. The entire person seemed to be shining, the whole effect intimidating and majestic. The inside of the store seemed to light up.” (21)

“Wei Wei was flustered as she took the clothes back into the changing rooms. It only took a short while to come out. Xiao Ling nodded in her head. This time, it wasn’t a dress. A short shirt with mid-length sleeves and a tailor waist, paired with a light-blue skirt with printed flowers. The workmanship and tailoring of the clothes were very normal but on Wei Wei’s body, it had a feeling of refinement. And the blue and white recalled clear skies and did cover up some of the bold beauty that was set into Wei Wei’s bones.” (21)

So, what do we know about her?

  • Never had a romantic relationship before (18)
  • The “2nd place” beauty in the school
  • Loves playing on computer games, especially Dreams of JiangHu
  • Nicknamed “the beautiful girl in the house” but her friends changed it to
    “the moldy/poisonous girl in the house” [2]
  • Her school had a post that said Xiao Nai and Wei Wei weren’t a good match for each other before they “got together”
  • Comes from a regular family
  • Before would frequently go out shopping to buy clothes, but lost interest after playing Dreams of JiangHu
  • and more!

The Wei Wei in Dreams of JiangHu

  • Username: Lu Wei Wei Wei; literally “reed Wei Wei”
  • She dominates in the game as the only female player in the top ten PK ratings
  • Married Zhen Shui Wu Xiang then divorced him and then Yi Xiao Nai He propsosed to her
  • Has a pet tiger

Lu Wei Wei Wei’s Appearance [1] :

” “Lu Wei Wei Wei” was a female xia (heroine) dressed entirely in crimson…Wei Wei’s red-clad female xia was not very popular, not because the avatar was not beautiful, but because her weapon was a very large knife. A gigantic knife, compared to an elegant jade flute, dancing white silk ribbons, a clean and flexible sword, or an Emei dagger, definitely did not have any sort of beauty or femininity. So many of the girls did not choose this avatar. But Wei Wei liked her avatar. She felt it was very bold and it fit her self-image very well. ” (1)

[1] Excerpts from wwyxhqc’s English translation found below.
[2] The two nicknames are homophones in Chinese, using different characters.


Original novel | English Translation | Chinese Wiki “Baidu”


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