Character Dissection: Xiao Nai


AGE: –
OCCUPATION: 4th year university student
UNIVERSITY: ‘A’ University
MAJOR: computer science

-Qiu Yong Hou
-Yu Ban Shan
-Hao Mei

Characteristics: kind, gentle, direct, frank, quiet, well-respected, respectful, proud, etc.

Physical Appearance [1] :

“Outside the Eastern Doors, the willow trees had matured very well. Each of the branches full of greenery, gently sway underneath the sun. That person wore a simple white shirt and calmly stood under the tree. From far away, Wei Wei could only see his inky black hair.” (21)

So, what do we know about him?

  • Dad is a professor at his university
  • The best looking guy at his school
  • Can play Dreams of JiangHu and multitask at the same time
  • Nicknamed “Da Shen” which means, “big god”
  • Astonishingly talented at programming
  • Brought glory at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest when he ld the university team
  • Champion at swimming competitions
  • “Possession of a great and elegant beauty”
  • Popular with both males and females and well respected by them
  • Can play the guzheng and is good at weiqi (go)
  • Plays basketball well
  • and more!


The Xiao Nai in Dreams of JiangHu

  • Username: Yi Xiao Nai He; literally “one smile calms”
  • Number one player in PK rankings
  • Weapons and pet were all the “god level”
  • Richest player
  • Wanted to get married with Lu Wei Wei Wei for an upcoming PK tournament
  • Also nicknamed “Da Shen” because of his power and techniques
  • Has a pet tiger

Yi Xiao Nai He’s Appearance [1] :

“Beside the river shore, there was a willow tree. That person just stood there, underneath the branches swaying due to the gentle wind. The white-clothed man sat underneath the willow tree holding a guxin, his floating sleeves adding an aura of otherworldliness…Wei Wei’s shock wasn’t due to the fact that the white-clothed man looked very handsome. Of course, he looked very handsome, but the white-clothed musician avatar wasn’t all that rare in the game.” (3)

[1] Excerpts from wwyxhqc’s English translation found below.


Original novel | English Translation | Chinese Wiki “Baidu”


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