Breaking News Report: Xiao Nai & The School Flower

This is an article that would have been written in the university that Xiao Nai and Wei Wei attend 🙂




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Just now, it has been said that Xiao Nai and Wei Wei are Dating! Xiao Nai and Wei Wei are both students of the Computer science department of our school.

As of right now, we have yet to find more information on how the two met and when did they start being together.

Before, on our school’s forum page, it was said that it was impossible for the school’s flower, or the school’s beauty, Bei Wei Wei to be together with the top genius of the Computer Science Department, Xiao Nai. However, it seems like that the “impossible” became possible. And sure enough, people have already taken down that forum.  A new forum is now up, supporting this new couple.

But, again, controversy has arised with the blog post made by Ai Xiang Nai Er, “a notable person in the university who had the label of being talented”. Her blog showed that she was jealous of Wei Wei for being together with Xiao Nai, saying that at the end, it is the face that attracts the boys, and not talent.

The male students responded to Ai Xiang Nai Er’s blog with rage, defending their classmate Wei Wei, as they were proud that the school’s beauty who had relatively high grades, had come from their department.

According to Wei Wei, Xiao Nai has yet to hear of this drama going on between the two sides. And all of us wait to see what will come out of this problem.

Below are candid photos taken of Xiao Nai and Wei Wei together on campus.

What are your thoughts about this couple? Any questions or comments? If so, please do contact the journalism class.

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